Mission, Vision, Values


People feel at home in our synagogue no matter who they are. Everyone is welcome. We will:

  • Open our doors to young and old; beginners and yeshiva graduates; activists and ambivalents; faithful and skeptical, observant and culturally identified; Jewish and interfaith families; all colors and races; straight and gay.
  • Acknowledge the unique challenges faced by interfaith families and support their integration into our community.
  • Strive to involve all of our members in our activities.

Our humanity is heightened through meaningful in-person interactions and by sharing times of celebration and sadness with our community. We will:

  • Create opportunities for people to build connections that foster relationships to one another through prayer, sharing meals, study, service and cultural events.
  • Celebrate one another’s anniversaries, birthdays and personal milestones.
  • Be present for one another during life’s painful periods, providing emotional and material support.
  • Check in on one another to ensure that each member feels valued.
  • Encourage every member to volunteer time to help build our sacred home and reinforce connections to our broader community.

Torah and mitzvot, Shabbat and holidays, prayer and ritual inspire us on our Jewish journeys. We will:

  • Embrace Shabbat as the beating heart of our community, as a refuge for prayer, study, breaking bread, and friendship.
  • Create a soulful communal prayer experience that encourages active participation, joyous singing, and contemplative silence. Prayer is an opportunity to express gratitude for being alive and seek comfort from our pain.
  • Explore our relationship to the State of Israel and its cultural, religious, national, and political meaning in the 21st century. We will facilitate opportunities for all members to visit Israel.
  • Shape our communal life by the framework of egalitarian Halachah (Jewish Law) as defined by the Conservative Movement.

Empowerment begins with education. We will:

  • Provide dynamic study opportunities to satiate our spiritual and intellectual curiosity and inspire people at all points on their jouney to connect more deeply to their Jewish lives.
  • Inspire families through our Learning Center to feel connected to the Jewish people while providing them with the tools to participate in Jewish life.
  • Empower members to shape their own religious and spiritual lives rather than have Judaism “done for them” by Jewish professionals.

We aim to partner with G-d to bring healing to the world’s broken places. We will:

  • Encourage every member to give tzedakah, pursue social action, and build a more just world in ways that fit our community’s values and individual passions.
  • Marshall our resources, realizing that our universe of moral obligation begins in the home, extends into our synagogue and among the Jewish people, into our local and national community, and then into the world.

Our financial health is critical to sustaining our vibrant community. We will:

  • Create a culture which encourages financial giving to our synagogue.
  • Celebrate the gifts of our supporters.


PJC Is Intimacy.

We strive to build lasting connections among people. We are a diverse community and we express ourselves openly, without judgment.

We care deeply for one another. We are a small community with large aspirations: we endeavor to be an oasis for personal connections.

PJC Is Tradition.

Jewish tradition is an ancient wellspring for contemporary meaning. We draw inspiration from the building blocks of our past. We are seekers. We challenge ourselves to add rituals and traditions to our lives and to deepen our thinking.

PJC Is Learning & Action.

Everyone is a learner. Children and adults explore Judaism and its rich spiritual and intellectual history. Our study inspires action.

In the face of injustice, we pursue healing. We support the global Jewish community and we act in solidarity with those who suffer throughout the world.

PJC Is Joy & Comfort.

Life is a gift that we celebrate with JOY and gratitude. We aspire to build a supportive community. We are there for one another during personal and communal struggles. In times of joy, we sing and dance together; in the face of life’s challenges, we comfort one another.

PJC Is Home.

It is a refuge for contemplation, optimism, and honesty. It is heimish (warm). It is where we open our hearts to love. It is where we feel safe even as we expand our views through open dialogue, active listening, transformative conversations and introspective prayer. Home is a return to simplicity. It is where we share food and wine and make memories.



Torah and mitzvot, Shabbat and holidays, prayer and ritual are ancient wellsprings for contemporary meaning. Our community is built upon them.


Belonging to a spirited and joyous community is an extraordinary privilege. We create multiple opportunities to foster meaningful relationships.


Study is central to our lives at all ages. It is a catalyst for growth.

Tzedek (justice) Chesed (loving kindness)

We actively support those in need within and beyond our community through financial generosity and action.


We work to foster a meaningful relationship with Israel.


We nurture our religious and spiritual lives and seek to deepen our Jewish journeys.


Our common humanity demands that we treat each individual with respect and dignity.