Adult Education

The PJC offers Adult Learning with our Rabbi throughout the year. Our courses have included weekly Torah study (Hebrew Bible), the writings and widsom of our Sages (TaNaKh), Jewish philosophy and ethics. Our Rabbi encourages congregants to select topics of interest. We engage in open dialogue, debate and foster deepening friendships; all essential components of a rich, Jewish life.

Both the newcomer and the already knowledgeable are encouraged to explore the endless dimensions of Jewish culture, sacred texts, mysticism, current events, legend and lore, spirituality, theology and history. Once a month, after Shabbat services, we offer a Women’s Group for discussion and reflection, in an intimate setting.

Registration is required for all classes. There is no registration fee unless noted otherwise.

A History of Zionist Ideas

Tuesdays 7:30-9:00 PM at the PJC

January 23 – March 26

$75 dollar Suggested Donation

Wednesday Lunch and Learn

Wednesdays, 12:00-1:00pm

January 10 – June 19

Via Zoom

Chevrutah Learning with the Rabbi

Location TBD

Please contact the PJC for more information.

Book Group

Dates vary, please contact Barbara Saunders-Adams for up to date information.

A History of Zionist Ideas

For ten weeks we will explore the history of Zionist thought, beginning with the early writings of Herzl and others and tracing the development of Zionist ideas through to the present day. The class will conclude with a robust discussion of the place of Zionism in contemporary Jewish life, particularly in the diaspora. These final sessions will be co-taught by R. Resnick and Dr. Arnie Eisen, the former chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary. They are collaborating on a book about this very subject. 

REGISTRATION REQUIRED! Deadline is January 17th, please email

Wednesday Lunch and Learn

Held via Zoom, topics will vary based on the interests of the group.

Chevrutah Learning with the Rabbi

Chevruta learning–paired learning with a friend–is among the most ancient and powerful ways to approach Jewish text. Rabbi Resnick is excited to learn in Chevruta with anyone–of any age!–throughout the year. Each Chevruta course will last three weeks. Scheduling is flexible and content is driven by the students’ interest. If you’re interested in studying one-on-one with Rabbi Resnick, please email Slots are somewhat limited. 

Book Club

The PJC Book Group meets monthly. Each month a congregant suggests a title to the group. When there is a consensus, we usually have three to four weeks to read the book. At the set date, there is a discussion — in person or on Zoom. We have had several guest authors join our meetings, including Matti Friedman who zoomed in from Israel, and our own authors, Gloria Goldreich (Horowitz), Karen Dukess, Jordan Salama and Efrem Sigel. The meeting’s host creates five to 10 questions to facilitate discussion. Then, participants can bring up whatever aspect of the book speaks to them. The one caveat is the selection must have either a Jewish theme or a Jewish author. The Book Group is open to all interested congregants.